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“In 1950, when I was 8 to 9 years old, I saw my father cry, it was the only time I’ve ever seen him cry, I asked him ‘why are you crying?’, he said to me ‘Brazil lost the World Cup’ so I said to him “don’t worry dad, I will win you a World Cup”. I won three.”
— Pelé (via ohgallifreyh)


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And I’ve said it 700 times, I don’t need to keep looking you are the one…

Congratulations to the family Pique Mebarak in anticipation of a new member of family!

A new season started..always by your side

A new season started..always by your side

Juventus according to Google searches.


Legia Warszawa vs Aktobe [UEFA Europa League], Poland (28.08.14)

Second year in a row, Legia with fantastic choreography against UEFA!
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