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sometimes i forget people care about things other than beyoncé

Anonymous: omg i just discovered your tumblr and i loved it so much! whats your name ?

oh, thank you so much! my name’s Olimpia :)


Well hello everyone, Lea’s calling.
Today I just reached 200 followers and I just wanted to thank each of you because this blog is a part of my life (such as football), and I’m glad you chose to follow it whichever the reasons. I hope you still enjoy its content and appreciate it.

When I first stepped into this fandom, I thought I’d be considered as a newbie, that I’d never reach this much followers, but I did it thanks to my passion for football. And today, I feel like home.

I want to do special thanks to some of you, these ones I’ll always follow and that I endlessly love. Thank you for existing, for being you. (I bolded some important persons to me, my faves of the faves) 

If you’re not in this short follow forever, don’t feel bad. I love each and every follower and I always feel like I forget 100 people in this list, damn. YOU ARE THE MOST FAB FOLLOWERS ON EARTH, PEOPLE. DON’T FORGET IT.


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I hope we’ll continue to have fun there together, enjoy football and life. You are all important. 

I love you again, take care of yourselves

ohmygeri: This is a tumblr hug. (✿づ◠‿◠)づ Pass this to 15 of your favorite blogs to let them know that you love them !

aww, dziękuję Gosiu!

Back To Black (Solo Version) by Beyoncé
Back To Black
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Leonardo DiCaprio gets attacked by a penguin during a trip to the Arctic in 2006



She’s so gorgeous. Like??

She did it… She finally got us to start liking these bangs.

There’s nothing wrong with sex, people.





- Having sex every day. 
- Saving sex for your wedding night. 
- Never having sex.
- Having sex with different people.
- Having sex with one person.
- Having sex with a person of your same gender.
- Loving sex. 
- Hating sex. 
- Being loud. 
- Being quiet.

The only thing wrong with sex?

When it’s not consensual.

Because that’s not sex. That’s rape.

Reblogging again because this post is so important. 



Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Zuhair Murad Bridal s/s 2015


When you wanna reblog a funny joke but it’s about your club


Gerard Pique with his son, Milan.