for the legends that played their last world cup (x)
Gracias. Danke. Grazie. Obrigado. Thank you.

Fb Pique: Countryside! 


Gerard Pique , Shakira y Milan en la revista Lecturas

the world’s most beautiful mother, father and baby
my favorite family; Shakira,Pique and Milan :’)





Dashbort, dashbort

Scrollin down that dash

Scrollin, Scrollin down that dash


Rebloggin all this, com-commentin on this

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I woke up and checked my notes saying how the hell did this shit happen, oh baby? Tumblin’ in Love.

Scrollin’ all night. REBLOOOOOOG. REBLOOOOOG!

Scrollin’ all night, REBLOOOOOG. REBLOOO-O-O-O-G!

Beginners guide to Italian football for the new fans!
i can already see spelling and grammatical errors im sick and tired ok

We challenged Claudio Marchisio, one of the world’s finest footballers, to tie a tie.

get to know me meme : [2/5] favorite relationships 

Shakira& Gerrard Pique  ► ” I knew we had something from the moment I met you. And I knew we had something. No one thought it could be true. Hey, do you believe in destiny? Cause I do as I did then when you were only 23”


"Enough fans to fill 1,359 Maracanã Stadiums!" Check out the amazing infographic Facebook has put together about Shak’s 100 million fans! 

“Los fans de Shakira llenarían 1,359 estadios como el Maracanã” ¡No se pierdan este infográfico que ha realizado Facebook para celebrar los 100 millones de seguidores!


My belly dancing represents me - it`s a trademark. I`ve tried to incorporate it in original ways in modern songs. But sometimes it bugs me a bit that people resort to (saying) that I`m shaking my ass with a huge sexual charge, instead of recognizing it as a move that, yeah, it`s loaded with sensuality, but it`s also part of an artistic expression.


This sad Brazilian fan was shown crying. But no ones published this beautiful picture of him handing the trophy to a German fan. He was quoted as saying "Take it to the final! As you can see, it is not easy, but you deserve it, congratulations" (Roughly translated)


James & Salome Rodruguez

Shakira alphabet - {w}
» weird lyrics

dear cas,